Heating & Cooling

We understand your flow system!  Our quality technicians are trained specifically for manufactured-home heating and cooling.

Manufactured-home furnaces are different from furnaces in stick-built houses. A manufactured-home furnace works off of a “positive pressure” system, compared to a negative systems in a stick-built home.

  • We stock parts for all manufactured-home furnaces
  • We are a certified dealer for both Comfort Air and Miller – two great manufacturers.
  • 95% efficiency furnaces that fit in the same foot print

Our service trucks are equipped with parts for manufactured-home furnaces and air conditioners.  Our services include:         

  • Heating and Cooling –  Full-unit sales and installations
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • Furnace Troubleshooting – gas and electric
  • Building a solar heating panel
  • HVAC ducting – The duct work in your home must be installed for a positive pressure system. If not installed properly, you will receive uneven heat flow throughout your home.  Some rooms will be warm, while others are cold.