Roofing & Skylights

Lenny’s Home Services (LHS) makes it easy for you to get reliable home replacement roofing or skylights that meet your needs.  We give you an honest estimate on your replacement and improvement costs. 

This is a troubled area for many manufactured homes. LHS carries a line of polycarbin and glass skylights specially designed for a manufactured roof. If installed properly, these skylights will never leak.

Metal Roofs tend to rust and leak eventually. We have a specially-designed, one-piece rubber membrane that fits over your entire roof. This is an economical way to have a new roof on your home and increase the insulation value to an additional R-8.

When installing a new roof, we make sure there is proper ventilation so your shingles get the most life. Most manufactured homes have a metal roof or a shingled roof.  The slopes of shingled roofs have lower pitches which causes ventilation problems. Poor ventilation causes shingles to over heat in the hot weather which makes them deteriorate.