Animal Damage

Don’t worry!  We Repair and Cleanup everything!

Crawl space problems?

You can’t get that pesky raccoon to leave?

Is that possum using your crawl space for warmth and comfort?

Has that skunk damaged your beautiful home?

Animals can access the underbelly of your home due to skirting missing or they can even crawl underneath the skirting. Animals tend to crawl in heat ducts & insulation causing serious damage.

Don’t worry!  LHS can prevent this from happening.  We’ll get rid of the headaches for you.  We are the experts.

Lenny’s Home Services (LHS), a family-owned business that was established 15 years ago, will catch those nasty creatures, release them, and then clean up and replace any of the damage they caused.

And we’ll call and deal with all insurance companies that are on our preferred list of animal-damage coverage in manufactured homes.

LHS has many years of experience and special training with disasters.  We know how to repair your home. It will look as if that animal never visited your home.

All you need to do is make ONE telephone call to us – and we take care of all the details!

Our telephone numbers are located on the right-hand side of this web page.